Taos Xavier 4.18.13

Taos Xavier 4.18.13

I felt like the one thing I could really give our son Taos, perhaps the best thing- was optimal immunity. I decided to do this by, well, first and foremost raising him with a wolf, A wolf named Ashoka (who has his own section under here- it’s entitled ‘wolfdog’).

In addition to raising Taos with Ashoka, and allowing him to teethe on numerous dog bones, I felt that by building strong gut health by feeding him a diet of organic, nutrient dense, living, and superfoods was the best way to help him achieve optimal immunity for life.  I followed a regimen that did not introducing him to any grains before 14 months and continued with a minimalistic, selective approach from there. We steered clear of anything refined including sugar. We also stuck with minimal amounts of dairy. We did find ourselves making occasional trips to buy raw milk, a few blocks of raw cheddar, and well, admittedly some goat cheese. However, our family is 80% -90% dairy free, we make nut and seed milks galore, and lots and lots and lots of raw nut cheeses, raw superfood cheesecakes and raw ice cream.

Although, Taos now eats a high amount of raw food (he did get green juices and green smoothies from the getgo, mainly to wash down the 467,327 avocados he consumed during infancy) however, I first transitioned him on to solids- by cooking with nourishing bone broths as outlined by Weston Price.  I ALWAYS used organic and ethically raised animals to make the broths, as there is no other option if you are hoping to reap the benefits of broths.

In terms of supplements, Taos has been on probiotics from birth, reishi mushroom from 6 months, fermented cod liver oil from 8 months and we boost immunity with elderberry & vitamin D if I feel it’s needed.  Additionally, starting around a year he began drinking my adaptogen tonics daily (nothing will ever be mine again), which you can read about HERE, and eating medicinal raw chocolate (which is a food group in this house) and you can read about HERE.

Taos has had perfect health. He prefers to drink a steady supply of coconut water, which is proof to me we should not be living where winter exists, and he is very glad his people got a reverse osmosis filter to not allow flouride anywhere near, his budding baby brain. We also prefer our resident, adult pineal glands in the house not be fed any bad and wrong water.


Taos aka Manche Man aka Wolfbaby has been fed things like camu camu, chaga, bee pollen, hemp, chlorella and on the list goes. He has officially become a force to not be reckon with in any double negative, no you didn’t- situation… In fact, we have learned resistance is futile. We also find it helps to remember our own energy, intention, focus, creation and alignment when raising a babe, as optimal immunity can come in many forms. His best friend is Ashoka, our wolfdog. you can continue reading about him if you click on wolfdog!