1/2 cup oat flour**
1 cup almond flour
2 tablespoons cacao powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tsp cardamom
8 pitted medjool dates
Pinch of salt

Pulse -blend all ingredients in a vtiamix or food processor until mixed. Press into a pie dish greased with coconut oil

*Oat flour is simply raw oats that have been turned to flour in a coffee grinder or Vitamix.

Ingredients Filling

3 cups cashews (soaked for at least 4 hrs)
3/4 cups fresh lemon juice (or about 4-6 organic lemons depending on size)
3/4 cups raw honey
3/4 cups coconut oil
1 tbsp vanilla (I use organic vanilla powder)
1 tbsp maca powder
1 tbsp mesquite powder

blend all ingredients in vitamix until creamy and pour over crust

Ingredients Topping

2 cups frozen mixed berries
4 medjool pitted dates
1/4 – 1/2 cup coconut water to loosen consistency of frozen berries (optional) – Or- defrost in fridge night before
1/2 cup dried cherries
1 tbsp passionflower
1 tbsp goji berry powder
1 tbsp camu camu powder

blend all ingredients in vitamic until smooth and pour on top of filling