What Are the Tonic Herbs?

A tonic is a crafted formula that contains medicinal adaptogenic herbs, plants, and mushrooms that are used to balance one’s system, restore radiant health, and invigorate the body and spirit. Tonic herbs are the most fully developed herbal system in the world and considered to be known as intelligent. Tonics promote high levels of immunity, detoxification, mental well-being, acuity, vitality, clear intuition and longevity. 

Tonics do not over-stimulate the body, rather they possess an intelligence that restores and maintains homeostasis in the body. Tonics increase energy through normal (organic) metabolic means (the opposite of caffeine induced energy), increase the body’s ability to build muscle and/or lose weight. Tonics decrease the effects of stress and anxiety, helping one to adapt, while protecting the body from free-radical damage due to their high levels of antioxidants.

Tonics regulate and balance the digestion processes and promote purification from a cellular level. It is important to note tonic herbs are not medicinal. They nurture and nourish life, our spirit, slow down the aging process, and they protect us on a multitude of levels – physically, immunologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! Anyone who uses tonic herbs will experience the benefits. In some cases, the benefits may be felt instantaneous and be blatantly profound, while for others, the influence may be subtle with cumulative effects developing strongly over time. Wolf Zen tonics are highly recommended to drink in times of high stress when endurance is needed, and as consistently as possible to incorporate them for an upgraded lifestyle.

Wolf Zen’s tonic herbs come from all over the world. China, Tibet, Bhutan, Africa, North and South America, Europe, Indonesia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Russia and virtually every region of the world. Wolf Zen has several custom blended formulas available for purchase. If you would like a custom blended formula tailored to your specific concerns please contact us.

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