Chocolate in it’s raw, unheated, unprocessed form is medicinal in itself, then add in some superfoods and you have what we here at Wolf Zen consider a form of bliss!

Did you know….?

Raw cacao is one of the most mineral rich, highest antioxidant substances on the planet, and full of feel good nutrients? Cacao is one of the highest magnesium sources (over 80% of Americans are deficient) contains 20% of the U.S. RDA of iron, and also contains chromium, manganese, zinc, PEA (the adrenal related chemical our bodies produce when we fall in LOVE), anadamide (the bliss chemical), vitamin C, tryptophan, and amino acids- just to name a few!

Wolf Zen raw cacao bars, are power packed with nutrients, love, completely organic, raw, vegan and only sweetened using Xagave (the only brand we recommend! Click here to read more information on Xagave).

The bars come in in different formulations with additional superfoods and tonic herbs added, to promote the highest levels of nutrient density, well being and benefit to your mind, body and spirit. Wolf Zen offers formulations like Butterscotch Bee Pollen, Cherry Chaga, Mucuna Peppermint, Goji Raspberry to name a few!

Bars are approximately 3.5 ounces depending on the formulation and are ready to ship priority mail with a cold pack (because of this reason no orders to Hawaii or Alaska at this time please). Please contact us for custom formulated bars or bulk. Otherwise, please click below.