Maybe I just like saying the word butt, because I embrace maturity like that. Even if you don’t like big butts and you can’t not lie, you should like nut butters! You should make lots of them for your loved ones, primarily because they are awesome for you and they are EXPENSIVE to buy.IMG_7886

They are rich in protein, minerals, good fats and Raw. Oh baby I like it raw….yea baby I like it rawwww… (I’m not sure why I am a bad chorus of cheesy, ghetto-fabulous lyrics right now, but I am- so please bear with me)

Back to nut butters- make them. Eat them.

All you need is some raw nuts or seeds of your choosing and a food processor. While some people use their vitamix to make it, I have had the best results making them in a decent food processor. I don’t use oils, or sweeteners, only a little Himalayan salt. You can get creative and add a dash of hemp or coconut oil and some raw honey, raw cacao…(yum) salt, cinnamon…etc… But in order to to keep this post streamlined (which, I’ve already failed at) for a basic butter all you need to do is-IMG_7891

Process the nuts or seeds in your processor until they resemble a very fine, almost powdery, meal. Using a rubber spatula, scrape down the sides of the food processor making sure the mixture is moving. If your appliance starts to heat, you can walk away, let it cool and go back to your nutty butter! Alternately, keep blending and scraping the sides down until you get some creamy goodness. You can then add salt or the additional ingredients of your choosing until mixed. Transfer to an airtight container, refrigerate and label it “I Like Big Butts and I cannot Lie”