The following link contains extensive lecture notes taken by an attendee of the Klinghardt Academy’s panel on the numerous contributing factors related to Lyme Disease & healing.  If I was given a choice of any practitioner to work with on the all mighty war called Lyme disease  it would be Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD. Maybe that is because he reminds me slightly of Hannibal Lecter and spirochetes would never stand a chance. Ok, all kidding aside, the man is a genius, which I think is apparent in his profound research and experience in both Lyme disease and Autism.


While his information is comprehensive and seemingly complex in some areas (since I don’t possess a medical degree) It still led me to consider profound insights and  particular links in lyme disease that I had little knowledge about. Among these, some that were of great interest to me include

  • Parasites & Lyme Disease
  • Understanding Biofilms
  • Lyme Toxicity and Symptoms
  • Dental Toxicity and Lyme
  • The Role of Mold and EMF Mitigation in Lyme
  • Insulin Resistance
  • The Lines Between Lyme & Autism