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A Decent Into Dentistry


There was so much that went in to choosing a dentist to remove all the mercury and surface metals from my mouth. I knew in my heart for years that it would need to be done every time I saw those horrendous silver fillings in my mouth, and educated myself more on the dangers of mercury. Unfortunately, I never made it a priority because I was so scared of the financial piece.

During the time I was doing the research, I was planning to have my root canals removed, after learning just how detrimental they can be and I was unsure what physical shape I would be in having to undergo a major dental restoration. My body had all ready crashed so severely and it became increasingly unclear what symptom was a result of heavy metal poisoning, Lyme disease, structural issues, the MTHFR gene mutation, or my body trying to fight virulent microbes in my root canals. I kept trying to configure some sort of timeline in my head, but between my gypsy lifestyle, decade of insomnia, my recent initiation into parenthood and nine trillion other factors- I couldn’t get clear enough to adequately point and say “there” that’s it, that’s the issue and this is how I fix it. I had also yet to see a skilled enough practitioner that could make all the pieces of the puzzle fit, that was trustworthy.

I was mauled in the face by a german shepherd when I was 12 and got braces as a result of the dog bite. I became homeless by 14 when my mother (a career criminal) became incarcerated and the braces were left on my teeth, untreated, for several years too long. I also had severe bruxism either as a result of the braces, or PTSD, or both. Little did I know the long term structural consequences I would face as a result of the braces. I suffered reoccurring nightmares that my teeth were falling out. For years, I shelled out immense amounts of money trying to make up for the damage the braces did, each time shrinking lower into the dental chair, swallowing back the shame of my childhood, and feeling sick over the imagined judgement and conversation that the dental office was whispering behind my back. There is not one tooth in my mouth that does not have composite on it. Therefore, choosing a dentist became a painstaking process due to my history, current physical state, and the fact that it would have to happen overseas since the costs were staggering in the US.

One by one, I researched all the practitioners listed by the Hal Huggins alliance, and members of the IAOMT. Hal Huggins is the grandfather of safe mercury removal and teaches protocols that exceed your average biological dentist. I also found numerous other dental organizations committed to holistic dentistry that I wasn’t even aware existed and researched the dentists who held memberships listed on their sites. I sent out numerous sets of X-rays, questions, googled reviews furiously and soon found myself completely overwhelmed by the whole process. Especially because the dental revision was only the initial step in successfully treating myself for advanced Lyme Disease.

The more that I learned about dentistry the more I knew that having a biological dentist was imperative and that the ADA was a joke. A joke predicated on the almighty dollar that only further served the notion of a separation between dental health and full body wellness. Why in the US are health insurance and dental insurance considered a separate entity? Why are so many mainstream dentists so quick to say a root canal is needed at the first signs of tooth sensitivity? Why in this day and age is fluoride still used, especially on children? When is the last time your dentist informed you that dental materials can cause an autoimmune reaction and encouraged that a dental material compatibility test against your specific blood serum be preformed? Why aren’t all dentists educating on the dangers of mercury, instead of just saying they now have a mercury free practice?

I find it alarming how many people have nonchalantly informed me their dentist just removed their fillings without any precautionary measures, let alone any instructions on chelation therapy. Removing mercury fillings is akin to asbestos removal, and safe removal is only half the battle. Chelating them out of your tissues and brain is the other half, as mercury stores in both. The link between neurotoxicity and neurological problems is overwhelming as is the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Babies are being born with high levels of mercury, passed down from their mother in utero. There are links between neurtoxicity and autism, another growing epidemic that mainstream medical and dental are quick to gloss over.

After narrowing down the options to two dentists located in Tijuana Mexico, I decided on one that offered conscious sedation, vitamin C IV’s for detoxification, and a link to a beautiful B&B that provided transportation to the dentist, as well as soup and smoothies on their website. I knew if I was going to leave my husband and toddler son behind and make the trek to Mexico, I did not want to be staying in some crappy border hotel and have to make the daily trek across the border after 7 hours of dental work. I also did not want to chance my luck in Tijuana at some random hotel, worried about clean water. I also knew that if I needed 5 teeth pulled, the ocean would be my healing and salvation, as would the soups and smoothies provided by the B&B.

As a hail mary I decided to consult with one last dentist here, as I was still on the fence if my body could handle having all the work completed at once. if I just removed the mercury and replaced the crowns with the metal showing through to start, it seemed like a waste, since I’d be paying for new crowns that eventually would need to be removed since they were on root canalled teeth. I never put together that there is often cheap metals like nickel used in crowns until my neurologist had said he had a woman that had cured her migraines after removing them. I also never considered my own allergy to fake metals and the unknown amount I had in my mouth.

 I had all ready seen two dentists in the states that quoted me ridiculous amounts of money with outrageous treatment plans and did not instill a shred of confidence in me. One dentist told me I would need 10 or 11 crowns and ushered me into their financing department like a used cars salesman, he was a complete scam although he markets himself as a biological dentist, hands out Hal Huggins materials, but in fact isn’t certified.  I felt sick after realizing the lack of integrity he possessed, after the shock of being quoted over 20k wore off. The other dentist charged me $725 for a consult, and although seemingly more integral than the first, he cared little about my concerns. After telling me my toxicity levels were off the charts and my mesenchymewas blocked, he dismissed my MTHFR mutation as something he didn’t need to know about. This was alarming because for one, it makes all the difference in the world with detoxification pathways and for two, nitrous oxide is dangerous to anyone that possesses the mutation. A little fact that I figured might be important in the dental chair. I left there with a new credit card bill, no closer to any resolution and the full realization that like so many others, I would have to find a dentist out of the country.

After finally deciding on the dentist in Tijuana, I went to one last dentist here that came recommended by a practitioner I had found to help heal Lyme. I decided to consult with this last dentist, while letting him know up front that due to cost, I would be having the work done in Mexico, so that he didn’t see dollar signs when he examined me. This dentist also did not accept insurance, however I wanted his opinion on the cavitation surgery, as I kept going back and forth between doing the entire process at once. As soon as he saw my extreme malocclusion, he warned me that removing any teeth would further compromise my jaw and that his first and only consideration in my case would be to correct my jaw and restore my airway passage that was blocked. He did say that having all my surface metals removed would definitely be beneficial. He gave me a bunch of material to research on the topic, reiterated the issues, both seen and unseen, that a blocked airway passage can cause and recommended that I get an MRI and a cat scan to show fully what was happening in my mouth. It turned out that my lower jaw is pushed so far back my hyoid bone is nearly pressing against my vertebrae. This uncovered another piece to the puzzle, but also added on the need for a special device, years of treatment and thousands more in cost.

The ancient Mercury Fillings in my upper teeth

The ancient Mercury Fillings in my upper teeth

Three crowns on my lower back side with metal showing through

Three crowns on my lower back side with metal showing through

A picture at the airport showing the dark circles under my eyes from extreme fatigue

A picture at the airport showing the dark circles under my eyes from extreme fatigue


Border Crossing

Border Crossing

Day 1

After a very quick border crossing, and ride into Rosarito beach to Casa Farolito, all it took for me was to see dolphins swimming in the water outside of the deck to know I had made the right decision. How could healing not happen here? The B&B set up both the transportation from the airport as well as providing transportation to the dentists office each day. I arrived so tired from both a day of travel through three time zones as well as a body that has been significantly stressed and fighting for the better portion of a year. My joke in the previous weeks leading up to the trip was that being consciously sedated would be the most rest I got in years.

The Ocean That Saved Me

The Ocean That Saved Me

A portion of The Casa deck

A portion of The Casa deck

Day 2

I had little idea what to expect from the dentists office. The only problematic aspect of dealing with their office is spotty communication at best. The other dentist I had been considering always called me back immediately and patiently answered nine million of my questions. This office I never once spoke to the dentist and wasn’t allowed to choose my own travel dates, which was slightly frustrating. However, being that I had to wait nearly three months for an appointment seemed promising and one of the owners of Casa Farolito had allayed my fears by saying yes, their communication skills lacked, but their dentistry did not and she consistently saw patients of his come and go from all over the world. 

The dental building is what you would expect if you’ve ever been to Mexico, which is to say, not a shiny, modern one, but dilapidated at best. I was kept waiting a little while at first, but I always remind myself in any given country that is not America, that I am not in America anymore and not to have American expectations, or impatience.

The office staff was polite, offered me a seat in the sparse waiting room, that did offer wifi and a menu to order food from a local cafe that catered to the dentists clients. The dentist arrived shortly thereafter and his greeting was friendly and warm. My initial consult went smoothly and was consistent with what the written treatment plan and $8,500 estimate they had e-mailed me had shown. The dentist answered all my questions and was happy that I was in a positive place to start treatment. I will be consciously sedated for the next three days for up to seven hours, removing 7 mercury fillings, and replacing 5 mixed metal crowns, with temporary ones, until the permanent ones are made in a lab in Chicago. I had a biocompatable dental materials test done weeks before, that the doctor had a copy of along with a highlighted notation from each category of the least reactive materials to be used, which felt promising. I then received a massage that they had set up for me, to help relax and get ready for the treatment. The massage wasn’t the greatest, but being that I have chronic muscle and nerve pain, I would probably let Charles Manson rub my back.

Day 3

I wake up feeling both excited and increasingly nervous. As much as I want the root canals removed from existence, I am not so secretly relieved that I will be going home with all my teeth. I am required to fast the mornings of treatment, which is unfortunate because I am convinced that there may not be many better things than Casa Farolito’s breakfast overlooking crashing waves on their huge ocean deck. Reading a Hal Huggins book “It’s All In Your Head” which has been left here helps to bolster my excitement that at long last I will have all the metals removed from my mouth.

I arrive at the dentist armed with a book and don’t have to wait very long. I am escorted to the dentist chair and immediately set up with oxygen, a drip line, and a blood-pressure cuff hooked up to a machine to monitor my vitals. I am fitted with goggles and covered with a blanket. I ask what the combination of sedation is and am told 5 things I immediately forget. The dentist then tests which quadrant of my mouth is most charged, which is my lower left area possessing 3 metal crowns, 3 root canals and had never healed correctly from work done there many years ago. The metal has begun showing through on the crowns and I am starting to get an ulcer on the side of my tongue where it rests up against that area. I am once again so grateful to know only materials that I tested non-reactive to will be used. I itch and blister if fake metal sits on my skin, so how on earth did it take me so long to consider the correlation of the damage it could be doing in my mouth?

Before I know it I am drowsy, relaxed and nodding in and out. A few times I have moments of a clearer consciousness and I can feel the dentist prodding at an area of gum line and hands working in my mouth. I see another injection go into my line and I nod back out, and so this cycle continues on a few more times. Before I know it I am coming to and biting on the paper they use to adjust your bite. The dentist then shows me the huge chunks of old metal crowns that were removed. I feel relief. I am still groggy when I’m told that my my food has arrived. I’m instructed to sip a little water and take a charcoal tablet the dentist hands me in 15 minutes, but to wait a half hour to eat or drink anything. The same woman that gave me a massage arrives to do a half hour of accupressure. I fall asleep on the table momentarily, get back up, wander out in a haze and the dentist tapes magnets to my face where my jaw suffered the worst. This is the fault of my jaw and not the dentist however, as the mere act of biting in to an apple sends me reeling with discomfort. They call for my ride back to Casa Farolito where I am served soup, a smoothie and some tea. My jaw is sore and I feel reasonably silly with magnets taped to my cheeks, luckily all the other guests have checked out and it is just me and the crashing waves. My gum line where the work was done feels slightly sensitive and I look forward to the magic white pill to take at bedtime for inflammation they gave me. I officially have two more 7 or 8 hour days in the chair. The same excitement and nervousness resounds.

Day 4

I wake up feeling eager to remove the metal. I had some residual throbbing where the metal crowns were removed and the dentist tells me it is most likely from the gums since he did a lot of work around the gums. Before I know it, I am ushered into the chair in the same process as last time. I quickly nod off and continue the same process of coming slightly to, seeing the anesthesiologist inject my IV line and fall back out. I come to for the day and the dentist is checking my bite which needs to be adjusted 87,435 times due to some of my teeth being so worn from grinding for years. I learn it is somewhere around 5:00, which means I’ve been in the chair for close to 8 hours. I feel hazy from the drugs, but overall I feel good considering the amount of time spent in the chair. The dentist told me we don’t have much left to go. I’m in the homestretch.

Day 5

I once again arrive eagerly to be rid of heavy metal. To never open my mouth and see the dark silver fillings and the ominous energy they portray. I have trouble going under this time as if I am fighting the drugs. Eventually they win out. I spend almost 4 hours in the chair and wake up hazy. I feel tired and the need to lay down. At some point that evening I feel completely nauseous. I’m not entirely sure if it is from the drugs, the toxicity, or a fateful drop of Montezuma’s revenge from something I ate. My teeth throb that night and eating isn’t impossible but the slightest pressure lets me know I’ve undergone a tremendous amount of work in a short time.

Day 6

Definitely nauseous, no way around it. I feel crappy, literally and figuratively. Today is my final check up and I have to close my eyes on the ride to the dentist for fear I may hurl. Once there I let the dentist know and he says it could be from the drugs or from Mexican food- it’s anyone’s guess. I decide to continue on with my final Vitamin C IV to help push all the toxins through. I start to feel slightly better and get to talk to the dentist a little more on a personal level. It is clear to me he became a biological dentist out of integrity. He is thoughtful and has an overall very calm and quiet energy about him. He shares the story of initially working on his wife who had severe allergies. He removed her mercury and root canals and improved by 95%. We talk about different protocols of mercury removal, health and wellness in general and I manage to rant about GMO’s, the outlawing of sustainable energy and the failed America in me. My IV finishes and we say our goodbyes. I will return in 2 months for the permanent crowns once they are completed. He gives me a copy of the highlighted, non-reactive materials he used. They also credit my account with an adjustment for the hours of anesthesiology that I didn’t require on the prior day. I get back to the Casa and succumb to nausea. The thought of any food is revolting as is liquid. I spend the day cuddling with Netflix and attempt some light food and tea by the ocean that night. It doesn’t take me long to decide I want to be horizontal. I pop some ibuprofen to help with the slight throbbing and annoying headache, which feels more of a result of dehydration.

My Vitamin C IV drip

My Vitamin C IV drip



Day 7

I wake up feeling better, but still crappy literally and figuratively. However, I am determined to get in to town and spend a few pesos on some trinkets for some loved ones. I spend the morning watching the dolphins jump right in front of me. I squeal like a 14 year old girl. I let myself drop in to how good and different it feels to not have a mouth full of metal. I somehow feel lighter. The sensitivity has resolved itself a little bit, and my stomach still threatens revolt. I wonder about public bathrooms in Tijuana. It should be an adventure. I am eager to start chelation therapy fully and know that the mercury is getting removed from my tissues and brain. I don’t want to add to my sickness right now so I take a few supplements for chelation and immune modulation.

Day 8

It is my final day here and I end up meeting a woman staying at the Casa trying to get medical treatment for a sick baby at a local orphanage. I buy some formula, split a cab with her and make the trek to the orphanage. I feel especially compelled, because I understand what it is to grow up without parents, or even a home. It is a heartbreaking scene  at the orphanage and one far too common I’m sure. There are more children than the staff can possible tend to, and not enough resources. The language barrier prevents me from talking to the older children, but I look in to their big beautiful eyes and my heart breaks as I wonder their fate here in Mexico. I continue on to where the babies and toddlers are. I help change diapers, feed the sick baby that initially spurred my trip here and spend as much time holding each toddler and giving them the same love and attention I give my own two year old. I feel powerless to do much else and after a couple hours it is time to leave.

The Orphanage

The Orphanage

Love- truly a universal language

Love- truly a universal language

Leaving Mexico

I look forward to going home and seeing my husband and son. On the ride to the airport I have an unexpected enlightening conversation with the driver on everything from the pineal gland, health and wellness to all things in between. The car in front of us in the long line to cross the border has the name Kendra carved in dirt. I like to think of it as an auspicious sign for what the future holds.

Look Carefully...

Look Carefully…

1 Month After Treatment:

I was feeling immensely better having the metal out of my mouth, a little more energized, positive and hopeful. I’m assuming this is both a physical and psychological result. I still have pretty significant sensitivity in my teeth, which I am praying is from having such extensive work done in such a short period. Also when I bite a certain way there is pain on my upper right side. Unfortunately, my energy levels and relief proves to be very short lived, as two significant things happen. I start Lyme treatment, which means going through herxing as the organisms are killed. This essentially means getting worse before getting better. And my temporary crowns on my lower left side break and I am left without my last 3 back teeth. The anxiety I feel is overwhelming and trying to explain my situation to dental receptionists over the phone is fruitless. I call the dentist in Tijuana and of course they are on vacation for that week. I make the trek to see the dentist here that will be putting the ALF device in my mouth for a dental mold and to see if he can put temporary crowns on for me. He tells me in no uncertain terms that I don’t need temporary crowns since they are root canalled teeth and adjusts my bite for the pain I have on the upper right side. A week later I get a hold of the dental office in Mexico, they reiterate the same thing, that there should be no issues, remind me I signed a waiver that they aren’t responsible for broken crowns, and my permanent ones won’t be in for another month. I am getting increasingly sick from the lyme treatment and am starting to feel the stress of having to travel back to Mexico on both myself and my family. My husband calls the office putting in the ALF device to see if they would be willing to put in the permanent crowns if I can have them shipped here. They agree.

All I want for Christmas are my three back teeth.

All I want for Christmas are my three back teeth.

2 Months after treatment

I get one more bite adjustment from a random dentist, but am still experiencing a pain when I bite just the right way. Any other sensitivity has subsided. The crowns are finally complete and are overnighted to me. The sheer excitement and relief of having a full set of chompers is palatable (no pun intended). No sooner am I in the dental chair, when the dentist informs he doesn’t want to be involved in putting these in. He tells me that he needs me to sign a waiver, as he can’t be held responsible for these crowns. I immediately agree and reiterate that even if they fall out I would never hold him responsible. He seems very aggravated as he double checks that the crowns fit on the molds and then goes to place them on my teeth. I feel some discomfort. He sits me up and says the gums have grown over the teeth and he can’t do it. I’ll need to go back to Mexico, or find someone else. I start sobbing hysterically, which makes him very uncomfortable as he silently stalks out of the room. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve all ready cancelled my trip to Mexico and feel so spread out between the dentists, lyme doctor, neurologist, genetic specialist and a slew of other practitioners that I have seen. He then says to me it is bad dentistry and the gum needs to be removed from the teeth and that my teeth should have been built up more to hold the crowns. He then tries to tell me, he told me that correcting my airway obstruction was the thing I should have been focusing on. I try to explain to him, that I heard him say removing all the surface metals was important, but not to remove any teeth, which I didn’t. I also remind him I couldn’t start successful lyme treatment without removing the metals and that we would have gone to him, except we couldn’t afford his costs out of pocket. We also needed to feel like I was moving ahead with treatment as I had a child to care for and I was worsening by the day. The device had taken months to build and he told me in no uncertain terms, it still wasn’t a guarantee.

I let him put in the ALF device between wrenching sobs and blinding tears. I feel so broken over this whole experience, that I have to live without teeth for longer and figure out a solution. Not to mention the way in which he handled it, which in my experience was less than compassionate. I call Mexico on my way home and am still hysterical. The dentist says removing the gum is a procedure any dentist can do and that he didn’t build up the teeth any more as he didn’t want my bite to be off. He reminds me I had crowns on these teeth for many years before and they were fine. I have a few days to calm down, all the while I adjust to this new device in my mouth that only allows two teeth to make contact and I feel like I have a lisp. I also feel slight anxiety as I remember yeas of braces in my mouth, and their poking unattended wires. 

I realize in retrospect so much of my anguish could have been avoided if the dentist here could have just calmly told me that the gums would need to be removed at a different visit and that there was a chance the crowns may fall off, so I just needed to sign a waiver freeing him of liability, instead of reacting in the manner which he did. I sit here typing this in some level of resignation. There is a part of me that dreads the physical and financial stress that another trip to mexico will mean. I am loathe to go back to the dentist here and feel stuck as the only other dentists that use the ALF device would mean an even further drive monthly and more money for a consult, since insurance won’t cover anything and there is no guarantee that they won’t suck. My last option is to call dentists and start from ground zero. I all ready called one that was recommended here (not biological) and they don’t participate with our insurance. I consider writing to other biological dentists that are well known to see if they will take my case, but I don’t have the energy between the lyme, my toddler and the defeat I feel. I laugh to myself thinking that it is situations like this that create religious fanatics because there is nothing left to do, but pray. Pray that a solution will reveal itself, or I will gain enough clarity and energy to navigate this further.

Lyme induced Episcelritis

Lyme induced Episcelritis

photo 2-3

The People That keep me Going…

And the four leggeds...

And the four leggeds…

photo 2-4


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Lyme disease often resides in the mouth

I found the following article during my research on biological dentistry and lyme disease. I think it is a great overview on the link between the two and adequately distills down some main points in an understandable way. Lyme is such a tricky disease because of the varied symptoms from person to person, along with it’s ability to hide from numerous modalities of treatment. Alternately, biological dentistry is truly an integrated understanding of health and the more I learn, the more I feel conventional dentistry draws quite a demarcation line between the teeth and their role in a persons health. Why do insurance companies separate health and dental? I know personally, I have always considered my teeth to be a separate entity until recently. A whole hearted Thanks to Dr. Landerman for this overview!

By Mary Budinger
Published in the Public Health Alert, June 2009
Reprinted with permission of author

Dr. Andrew Landerman Holistic, natural medicine tends to overlook what is probably the number one source of the body’s toxins – the mouth. The infectious mechanism was initially documented by Dr. Weston A. Price, chairman of the Research Section of the American Dental Association from 1914-1923. History tells us the ADA however wanted to promote root canals as a new service and never moved forward with Dr. Price’s well documented research.

Some biological dentists have studied Dr. Price’s work, including Dr. Andrew Landerman of Sebastopol, California. He finds that Lyme and many other chronic diseases are fed by the unique bacteria that develop in root canals and where teeth have been extracted. Dr. Landerman granted us an interview:

MB: Do you see a lot of people with Lyme disease?

AL: I probably have a high proportion of people who are chronically ill. And a high proportion of people who have chronic illness have Lyme.

MB: How do you determine that?

AL: Some people of course come with the diagnosis. In others, I see Lyme in their symptoms. They may have swollen joints and other chronic conditions that are suggestive of Lyme. It is not the same with everyone. It depends upon their weak spot. Where they have a weak link, Lyme will affect that area. It is my experience and that of many others like me, that Lyme at this point in time is not a pathogen that can be eliminated. Rather we must seek to manage it holistically.

MB: Are Lyme bacteria in the teeth?

AL: Not in the enamel, but in the dentin and tubules. Every tooth has some three miles of tiny tubules that spirochetes love to occupy. Antibiotics, even the extended courses that some chronic Lyme patients use, do not get into these tubules. Lyme gravitates toward some teeth. It is my experience that Lyme gravitates especially to the upper and lower centrals, and to the upper and lower first molars. That’s eight teeth.

MB: How do you test the teeth to determine where the spirochetes are hiding?

AL: I devised a method of percussion, a slight tapping of the tooth to give it a tiny shock. I use an electrodermal screening device to measure how the tooth responds. When you see a pattern of low or high current flow, that tells me the tooth is underperforming or overperforming. When the energy level is abnormal, that can indicate Lyme. I have not seen any amount of herbs or antibiotics get these teeth to change their readings for the better.

MB: Can you get rid of the Lyme in the mouth then?

AL: Mostly. It took me almost 15 years to figure out how to test for it in the teeth and how to devise a homeopathic remedy to address it. Teeth breathe. Healthy teeth push fluids out; that is the way they keep bacteria and such out just as skin keeps harmful things out. But with stressed teeth, the flow reverses and fluids go into the tooth. Recognizing that, I devised a mix of homeopathic remedies that go into stressed teeth and knock down the Lyme. I don’t think you can ever get rid of Lyme completely. We just have to learn to live with it. The homeopathic remedies I formulated will eliminate most of the Lyme and its co-infections from the teeth. I find that if there is too much Lyme in a person’s mouth, cavitations do not heal unless we address the Lyme first. Energy transference of homeopathy is not like a chemical transference. When a tooth is treated, regardless of whether it has a crown, the tooth seems to respond.

MB: You are one of a mere handful of dentists in the country who uses electrodermal testing, why?

AL: The American Dental Association (ADA) does not yet acknowledge electrodermal screening. I am in the midst of a 10-year, FDA-approved study on the energetic relationship of teeth to degenerative disease as monitored by electrodermal screening. I have about 500 patients in the study. It is crucial to recognize that each tooth is connected via meridians to the organs of the body, and they are all connected energetically. For example, many people with heart conditions will be found to have a chronic infection at the site of their wisdom teeth – the third molars. Certain molars are connected to the heart meridian and when those teeth are stressed with chronic infection, the heart is stressed. Dr. Joseph Issels of Germany wrote that many cancer patients got well for example when root canals and other infections of the oral cavity were removed. I find that almost 100 percent of women with breast cancer have a chronically affected upper first molar. Likewise, reproductive organs are tied into the upper centrals, male and female. My approach is based upon the Meridian Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and The Focal Theory of Infection.

Both homeopathy and Rife frequencies work energetically with Lyme; they are just different sides of the same coin. Both are effective. The difference is that for homeopathy to work optimally, you have to remove as many impediments to proper immune function as you can before using it – such as removal of dead teeth and metal fillings of all sorts, and cleaning up chronic infections in the jawbone. Rife works by generating a frequency specific to Lyme and aiming that at the body to kill the bacteria. Like homeopathy, Rife generators may or may nor produce healing crisis. That seems to depend on individual reactions. Neither one will totally eliminate the various forms of Lyme bacteria, but they help manage the disease.

MB: What is the Focal Theory of Infection?

AL: A focal infection is a local infection that expands to incorporate the whole quadrant, then the whole side of the mouth and eventually can cross the midline to incorporate the other side. Basically, the theory says the oral cavity is able to generate particularly nasty toxins that poison the body when you have had a root canal or a tooth extracted. Most dentists still do not understand the Focal Theory; it was studied more in Europe than here. Dr. Weston Price’s great contribution was the discovery that focal infection bacteria are polymorphic, meaning they mutate and adapt and multiply like rabbits in the three miles of dentin tubules that emanate from every tooth. The bacteria become smaller and anaerobic – they can now live without oxygen. They also become more virulent, and their toxins more toxic. Root canals and old extractions are common focal infection sites.

When you have a root canal, a dead tooth is left in the mouth. The dead tooth lacks a blood supply to its interior. Antibiotics circulating in the bloodstream have no way to penetrate this dead tissue. Over time, the material packed inside the dead tooth shrinks a bit. Now bacteria come in and morph. The tooth has both bacteria and toxins as a result of being dead for so many years and these toxins are infiltrating into the bloodstream.

In extraction sites, the healing may not take place correctly. If the healing is incorrect, the space can fill in with fatty tissue, dead bone, improper bone, or it can fill in with infected material. All of these processes are wrong and the organ associated with that extraction site will always show this improper healing. The remedy is to clean out the socket, debride it, and remove the ligament that holds the tooth in as well as the dense bony lining of the socket. The other important factor is cleaning up the quadrant (at least) of the mouth where the extraction was performed – cleaning up all metal and any other extraction sites. This is the best way to assure proper healing from extractions.

Toxins from focal site infections are highly virulent and they tend to go to the organ associated with the meridian upon which that tooth lies. Over time, the toxins’ assault will change the genetics of the organ. However, it has been found that upon proper extraction of a dead tooth and proper treatment of an extraction site, the organ will return to its normal genetics. Bob Jones, an engineer, recently did substantial genetic testing which demonstrated the ability of organs to right themselves.

MB: Are tonsils also focal infection sites?

AL: They can be. Tonsils are basically nodules of lymph tissue. Removing tonsils should be a solution of last resort. Tonsils are part of the immune system. Tonsils are a network of guard posts to infection because the body needs to protect the brain. There are valves in the veins that prevent blood from flowing backward. In the head there are no valves, so blood can flow in any direction and an infection in the brain would be disastrous. The tonsils, when functioning properly, prevent infections from entering the brain. There are four tonsils on each side of the head plus the pair we can readily see at the back of the mouth. They are prone to recurring infections because of allergies and other factors in the body. With multiple infections comes scarring of the tissue. Hence when this has occurred, the tonsils need to be dealt with as scars need to be dealt with.

MB: Tell us how scars interfere with the body’s energy.

AL: If scars are present, they act as an energetic block, much the same way a dead tooth does. And there are various ways to neutralize scars. A scar is not merely something on the outside of the skin – it is the skin. The energy flow of the meridians goes right under the surface of the skin so where there are scars, they can act as a major block to energy flow. There are various other energetic blocks, but teeth, the tonsils, and scars are the major ones. When healing energetically, all three areas are very important to deal with. The stronger the energetic system, the better you can handle outside factors like genetically modified food and environmental chemicals. Often with Lyme, it is said that you need a strong immune system to keep the Lyme under control. That is true. But you also need a strong energetic system and often that is overlooked.

MB: Can you tell us about one of the Lyme patients in your FDA-approved study?

AL: Sure, let’s call her “Julie.” Her history was one of a normal birth, normal delivery, normal first 6 months of development. But then she began to have pronounced joint pains, mobility problems, rashes, and her deciduous teeth – her baby teeth – showed pronounced malformation and discoloration. Julie’s parents took her to a prestigious California medical facility where they were unable to make a diagnosis. She was given pain medication and anti-inflammatories. This went on for 6 or 8 months with no apparent relief of the symptoms. When I first saw Julie, she was 18 months old. Her deciduous enamel was misshapen and reddish in color. This suggested there was a deep underlying condition that probably would cause the same things to occur in her permanent teeth. I used electrodermal screening and determined she had what looked like borellia burgdorferi – the main spirochete that causes Lyme disease. She tested positive for some co-infections, but B. burgdorferi was the bigger factor. I made homeopathic remedies for this and we also used natural anti-inflammatory remedies. Within a week, the pain subsided dramatically. The swelling decreased. About one month later, the parents reported that the symptoms had disappeared. It is too early to tell of course, but there is every reason to believe her adult teeth will erupt normally and be free of the red stains and changes in morphology that came with the baby teeth. When I saw Julie, I realized both parents had Lyme. Lyme can be transmitted through the placenta.

MB: How much of a role do vaccinations play with children with Lyme?

nickel substrateAL: In general, vaccines lower one’s immune competency and most would impede immune function where Lyme is concerned – allow it to get an easier foothold. A vaccine does not boost immunity. It gives us a template to recognize a specific protein when it enters the body and to be able to attack that protein and render it harmless to the body. Vaccinations should not be done until about 2 ½ years of age, the point at which all the baby teeth have erupted. It is then that humans have a fully functional, competent immune system and can better handle the introduction of the complex foreign proteins introduced in the form of vaccines. That is not to say they can handle the mercury and other toxins added for stability. We have to create a culture where people realize drugs are not made to maintain healthy, happy lives. The integrity of the terrain is the major factor. Louis Pasteur, remembered for developing vaccines, reversed himself on his deathbed. He said, “The pathogen is nothing, terrain is everything.” If you want a healthy terrain for children, then pre-conception health becomes critical because we are seeing more and more that degenerative changes in kids are transferred from the parents. You see teeth malformations in some children. That says something is going on with the DNA. It has been demonstrated, for example, that there are genetic changes along pathways where there are root canals. Where pathways have been interfered with, the genetic changes for worse. But when corrected, the genetic change goes back to the normal pathway. “Smart conception” means you clean up the energetics of the body first.

MB: What about mercury fillings?

AL: Mercury is about the most active of metals. The higher the temperature, the more it is released, poisoning the system. It is tough to rid the body of chronic diseases when poison constantly leeches from the mouth. Many people have crowns with an underlying layer of nickel, a very toxic metal. Unfortunately, dental schools are not much help right now. They do not teach Chinese medicine and they still consider amalgam (50% mercury filling) a usable material, when even the FDA now requires warning labels on amalgam packaging. Sometimes people tell me they got worse after they had mercury fillings taken out. I know the wrong material was used in that person’s mouth. You really have to test energetically for what to use for crowns or bridges – restorations. The material I like the best is cubit zirconium, a cousin of what you find in the false diamond. It is energetically different and has been consistently good for restorations. Zirconium is a metal that looks like clear glass. When you make an oxide of it, the negative aspects of the metal disappear. It loses it crystalline aspect and becomes more acceptable to the body.

I always felt the internet would help humanity learn how to live better, naturally. As more consumers demand metal-free dentistry, this will create the change in the profession. When I started 35 years ago, I had to talk like a Dutch uncle to get people to remove mercury fillings and root canals – it was tough. Now people are getting more informed. As patients demand change, the young dentists will have to respond. The dilemma, though, is that when they get out of school, young dentists are in debt. To take on a whole new challenge, to change your profession, is a very arduous task. They need the support of the patients.

MB: Would you say something about your own experience with Lyme?

AL: Many people in my part of the country do not understand the Sierra Foothills and the California coastal range in which they live is full of ticks. Many people are bit and never know it. They don’t understand that Lyme disease is sexually transmissible, and is passed through breast milk as well. I got sick because I had teeth extracted. Root canals, as well as improper extractions, weaken your immune competency. In my case I had two front teeth and one lateral incisor killed by trauma. Subsequent root canals left me compromised. When I was bitten by a tick, I contracted Lyme. I have every reason to believe that had these teeth been properly addressed, my immune function would have been sufficient to withstand the Lyme onslaught, because people who exhibit healthy immune function generally do not suffer from the worse aspects of Lyme. Nobody in my family has Lyme disease – mother, father, sister, etc. I was the only one with bad teeth as well as the only one to have had my tonsils removed unnecessarily. I believe this heavily compromised my immune system.

When I got bit, I had the textbook bulls eye rash. In my opinion, those who see a rash are those who have a stronger immune system. The rash is the body’s attempt to defeat the bacteria at the site. Then as the rash expands, that is a sign the body is losing the battle. Eventually, the rash dissipates and is gone. Then you can assume the Lyme has gone latent.

I still struggle with Lyme. But I don’t encourage limiting anyone’s life. I hunt and fish less than I used to, but that’s age, not fear. I love the outdoors and it is such a valuable part of my life, I would not choose to limit that. Lyme can be treated successfully initially with antibiotics or homeopathy – if it is done immediately. But most people, like my patient Julie, don’t know what they have until it is too late for conventional treatment to produce a result.

Andrew Landerman, DDS
Biological Dental Center
145 Pleasant Hill Ave North, Ste 201
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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Dangers of Root Canals

Most dentists and endodontists in the US are probably unaware of the studied and documented relationship between root-canaled teeth and degenerative disease. I’ve had numerous root canals and until recently, I was also unaware of the 25 years of research done that the American Dental Association has not been forthcoming about.


This research, which was carried out by the late Dr. Weston Price and sixty of the leading scientists of his time, is outlined in detail by Dr. George Meinig in the book Root Canal Cover-Up (Bion Publishing,1994). Ironically, Dr. Meinig was one of the original founders of the American Association of Endodontists. During his 47 years of practice, he performed countless root canals only to discover after his retirement the work of Dr. Price. Believing the dental profession would require more studies upon learning of this long-buried research, Dr. Meinig wrote Root Canal Cover-Up and began lecturing about the dangers of root canals.

The dental industry is the ONLY industry to leave a dead structure in the body. One significant finding of Dr. Price’s research was that root-canaled teeth are not sterile—and indeed could not be sterilized—even after they were extracted and submitted to sterilizing procedures. Dr Price learned that when a tooth was implanted under the skin of a rabbit, the rabbit contracted the same disease suffered by the former owner of the root-canaled tooth.

Dr. Price found that numerous types of degenerative illnesses – heart/kidney/lung/bladder and others diseases – could be easily transferred to the rabbits. Not just from implanting the whole infected tooth under their skin, but also by embedding small pieces of the root, injecting pulverized teeth (a powder), or even just the toxins from the teeth after being cultured in the lab. The other part of this experiment showed that a lot of his patients recovered from their afflictions after removing the root canal teeth. For a person who is chronically ill and has exhausted other avenues of treatment, hearing this news can provide much needed hope and direction.

If all this research about root canals is so important, you may wonder why it was covered up. Apparently, the work of Dr. Price (who was known as “the world’s greatest dentist”) was covered up because of a controversy among dentists and physicians about the validity of the “focal infection theory.” This theory was originally introduced in 1904 by Dr. Frank Billings of the Chicago University Medical School. Dr. Billings’ theory was substantiated by a monumental 1174-page, two-volume body of research produced later by Dr. Price.

Basically, the focal infection theory states that infected teeth, tonsils, sinuses, or other areas of infection hold bacteria that can travel through the bloodstream to other glands, organs, or tissues, and subsequently set up infection in the new site. In other words, infection can spread from one part of the body to another, in the same way cancer cells can spread (metastasize) via the circulating blood. Under the stresses of oxygen and nutrient deprivation, these formerly friendly organisms left in a root-canaled tooth morph into stronger, more virulent anaerobes that produce a variety of potent toxins. What were once ordinary, friendly oral bacteria mutate into highly toxic pathogens lurking in the tubules of the dead tooth, just awaiting an opportunity to spread.

Most people believe that the whole point of root canals is to remove (or prevent) infection and thus, to leave a non-offending tooth. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily work. Why not? Because under the white part of the tooth (the enamel) is the dentin, which is actually comprised of about three miles of microscopic tubules.When the pulp of a tooth is removed and filled (root-canaled), the tooth no longer has the capacity to flush out the bacteria that accumulate in these tiny tubules of the dentin. To make matters worse, common X-rays are not magnified enough to reveal these tubules, much less the bacteria in them, so infection may go unnoticed in its early stages. The point is, the white part of the tooth is alive—just as bone is alive—and it needs a live nerve and artery to keep it healthy. It’s that simple.

How about these statistics:

Dr. Robert Jones, a researcher of the relationship between root canals and breast cancer, found an extremely high correlation between root canals and breast cancer. He found the following correlations in a five-year study of 300 breast cancer cases:

  • 93 percent of women with breast cancer had root canals
  • 7 percent had other oral pathology
  • Tumors, in the majority of cases, occurred on the same side of the body as the root canal(s) or other oral pathology

Dr. Jones states that toxins from the bacteria in an infected tooth or jawbone are able to inhibit the proteins that suppress tumor development. A German physician reported similar findings. Dr. Josef Issels reported that, in his 40 years of treating “terminal” cancer patients, 97 percent of his cancer patients had root canals. If these physicians are correct, the cure for cancer may be as simple as having a tooth pulled, then rebuilding your immune system.

In a continuation of Dr. Price’s work, the Toxic Element Research Foundation (TERF) used DNA analysis to examine root-canaled teeth, and they found bacterial contamination in 100 percent of the samples tested. They identified 42 different species of anaerobic bacteria in 43 root canal samples. In cavitations, 67 different bacteria were identified among the 85 samples tested, with individual samples housing between 19 to 53 types of bacteria each. The bacteria they found included the following types:

  • Capnocytophagaochracea
  • Fusobacteriumnucleatum
  • Gemellamorbillorum
  • Leptotrichiabuccalis
  • Porphyromonasgingivalis

Since When is Leaving A Dead Body Part IN Your Body a Good Idea?

There is no other medical procedure that involves allowing a dead body part to remain in your body. When your appendix dies, it’s removed. If you get frostbite or gangrene on a finger or toe, it is amputated. If a baby dies in utero, the body typically initiates a miscarriage.

Your immune system doesn’t care for dead substances, and just the presence of dead tissue can cause your system to launch an attack, which is another reason to avoid root canals—they leave behind a dead tooth.

Infection, plus the autoimmune rejection reaction, causes more bacteria to collect around the dead tissue. In the case of a root canal, bacteria are given the opportunity to flush into your blood stream every time you bite down.



Adaptions from Dr Mercola  and Cat Saunders with part of this article revised and updated from the original, which was published by The New Times in 1996.

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Videos on the Dangers of Root Canals

I will be adding more videos, but I started with a few from Hal Huggins who is a pioneer in biological dentistry and advanced all the research of Weston Price. I also included Dr Mercola who offers a wealth of information on less than mainstream medical knowledge and a video from the Hippocrates Institute; one of the most advanced alternative teaching facilities in the country.

iHealthTube.comSafe Alternatives to Root Canals

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What is Biological Dentistry?

What is a biological dentist? It is a dentist that recognizes teeth are not a separate function from your body- After much research it is now my belief that all dentists should be trained biologically for the health of their patients. The healthiest people tend to have the healthiest teeth and the unhealthiest people, the most compromised teeth. Sadly, regular dentists are quick to preform root canals without educating their patients of the potential dangers that have been studied and recognized. It is the ONLY practice that will leave a dead structure in the body. For more on the dangers of root canals please click here. Dentists also still use a host of materials including many metals that are toxic to the body and cause numerous reactions and autoimmune problems in many people. Do you know what is in your mouth?

Biological dentists, operate according to the belief system that your teeth are an integral part of your body and hence your overall health. They recognize that your oral and dental health have a major influence on other disease processes in your body. Any standard medical treatment performed takes this fact into account. The primary aim of biological dentistry is to resolve your dental problems while working in harmony with the rest of your body. In other words, A biological dentist treats the patient holistically while a traditional dentist treats the patient symptomatically.

A biological dentist studies the mouth in order to determine the effects it’s causing to the health of the whole body, especially one’s immune system, which is particularly vulnerable to becoming weakened by the effect of toxins being delivered into the body through the mouth. Diseases in the body become exposed when the effects of all those toxins become too great for the body to fight any longer.

Until recently it was largely denied that mercury and silver amalgam fillings were the cause of some illnesses affecting the human body, however, biological practitioners have always known that the body’s physical health is a reflection of what goes in the mouth. An off-balance dysfunction in one area will eventually show up as disease in another area of the body.

One of the highest priorities for a biological dentist is heavy metal removal. Heavy metals effect both the immune system and neurological health. Heavy metal toxicity is scientifically linked to Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and numerous other diseases. The issue of mercury fillings is no longer conjecture. For more in depth information on the dangers of mercury please read here.


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