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ABOUT: Kendra’s journey has led her to unusual parts of the world, seeking out a less than mainstream approach to all of life. Along her journey through healing, evolution, and creation, Kendra realized the profound importance of nourishing one’s mind and body through medicinal herbs and food. Her education, experience and life are unique, multi-dimensional and centered around high vibrational living.


  • Degree in Psychology, Religion & Studio Arts
  • Advanced studies in Metaphysics, Spiritual Psychology & Alternative Health
  • Certified Cranial Temple Practitioner, Energy Healer & Life Design Consultant
  • Certified Raw Nutritionist


  • 7 years running KSAdesign as business consultant in marketing, web development and as a virtual assistant
  • Personal Life Design consulting & coaching in matters of the heart, mind and body to help cultivate healing
  • Lived in a Buddhist nunnery in Kathmandu Nepal, traveled overland to Tibet and contemplated the impermanence of life & whether or not she could ever trade in her guitars & shoe collection for a set of robes
  • Owner of Sacred Ground Landscaping for 6 years, specializing in the design & implementation of perennials, herb & Japanese rock gardens
  • Pro-make up artist: MAC cosmetics; Independent freelancer in film & print for many years on the East and West coast & back
  • Designed, implemented & ran 5 restaurants over the last 13 years
  • 14 years working in and out of Human services counseling children in trauma
  • Currently runs a pet sitting business to curb any desire for greater dog hoarding tendencies, along with owning & training wolfdogs to not steal food off the kitchen counter for 17 years
  • 22 years making stuff: jewelry, photography, clothing, poetry, mosaic, painting, writing & banging on instruments
  • And most importantly a lifetime of laughing, love & the absurd



Thanks to the combined effort of her and her better half husband Shaun, she’s the mother of an amazing tiny human named Taos Xavier. They live with 2 lazy, lovable, enabling chihuahuas and an enormous  wolf-dog named Ashoka. Kendra lives in the fray of the aforementioned beasts, while Wolf Zen empire planning and developing.

and in case you missed it….

Wolf Zen is a collective conscious movement devoted to bringing evolution, art, superfood, tonics and integrated, alternative health to the people. Wolf Zen promotes high vibrational living through integrity, truth, creativity and medicinal food. Wolf Zen teaches people how to enrich the self easily through nutrition and offers related services and products that nurture the soul and nourish the body.
A physical location for Wolf Zen is currently in development in New Haven, Connecticut. Please see our calendar of events for current offerings as well as our Etsy store :)

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