Our Tonics

Wolf Zen’s tonic herbs are sourced for purity from all over the world. China, Tibet, Bhutan, Africa, North and South America, Europe, Indonesia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Russia to name a few. Utilizing the wisdom of ancient healing traditions for modern day wellness.

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Superfood Chocolate

Raw, organic, chocolate bars are formulated with the most nutrient dense, medicinal superfoods and tonic herbs, to promote the highest levels of well being for your mind, body and spirit. Formulated free of refined sugars and made with nothing but pure ingredients and integrity. Chocolate is a brilliant system when kept in it’s purest, unheated form.

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Wolf Zen Jewelry

Gems and minerals are some of the most powerful, high vibrational, healing tools that the universe has to offer. Whether you are looking to protect, heal, elevate, ground, crystalize your intuition, or remedy an affliction,  you can do it while walking in beauty.

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Welcome to Wolf Zen

We believe that wellness is an inside job, and by healing yourself you help to heal the world.

 We offer custom formulated adaptogens and tonic herbal blends, superfood medicinal chocolates, seasonal healing tonics, along with offering an array of handmade items like crystal jewelry, sacred geometry clothing ans art for the soul to serve as a reminder that creation is elevation.

Among these pages, you will find nutrient dense, superfood recipes, with many raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free and grain free ways to nourish your body and feed your cells. 

You will also find information on super nutrition, alternative remedies for wellness, inspiration, and humor.

We are a collective conscious movement devoted to bringing evolution, art, superfood, tonics, and integrated health to the world. Wolf Zen promotes high vibrational living through energy, integrity, truth, creativity and medicinal food. We teach people how to connect and enrich to one’s highest mastery of self and spirit by offering related information, products and services that nurture the soul and nourish the body.

Please see our calendar of events for current offerings, our Etsy store for product availability, the blog for insights regarding wellness, and resources for more information on upgrading your wellness.