Thanks for stopping by, Wolf Zen is many things, mainly a work in progress, so have patience and take pity as this site is under construction and we are stooped over spitting it out in between saving orphans and three legged, spotted leopard  kittens!



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Among these pages you will find recipes that contain superfoods that are nutrient filled, with many raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and grain free ways to nourish your body and feed your cells. There is also a growing body of information on supernutrition, superherbs, inspiration, humor, remedies, and a growing body of literature on a personal campaign on wellness, from the inside out.

Wolf Zen is slated to have a physical location when all the stars are perfectly aligned, we are a collective conscious movement devoted to bringing evolution, art, superfood, tonics and integrated, alternative health to the people. Wolf Zen promotes high vibrational living through  energy, integrity, truth, creativity and medicinal food. Wolf Zen teaches people how to enrich the self easily through nutrition, connect with one’s own mastery of self and offers related services and products that nurture the soul and nourish the body.

Please see our calendar of events for current offerings, as well as our Etsy store.